A helmet!

The third day of the ”Hamsterbo” (Hamsters nest) shelter was a hot one. During the day the temperature rose to over +30 degrees Celsius which is very much for Finnish circumstances. The excavation advanced very much acording to plan and we almost managed to reach the second excavation level.

A stove emerges from the ground and is carefully brushed by Archaeology/osteology student Fanny Fagerholm from the University of Uppsala.

As we dug deeper two areas of rusty soil became visible near the entrance to the shelter. One of the items in this area proved to be an empty rack for 15 German stickgrenades.

Empty rack for 15 German stickgrenades.
The rack is of the same type as the one to the right in the picture.

The other rusty spot near the entrance was first thought to be an iron kettle proved to be a WW2 Finnish or Swedish helmet. This quite large sized helmet possibly once belonged to leutenant Åke Kretz if the information in Swedish archives is interpreted correctly.

The helmet is probably a Finnish Wärtsilä M40 helmet.

After the very hot and dusty day our team of archaeologists headed for the SW Finnish archipelago for a swim and a barbeque that even made the local seagulls envious 🙂

”Kalle” the hungry but friendly seagull observing us from a distance.


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