Burnt uniform details and exploded handgrenades

Today we continued the excavations of the burnt down ”Hamsterbo” shelter. The finds confirm the story written down by ”SS Hauptsturmführer” Åke Kretz in 1942.

We found exploded rifle and machinegun ammo, parts of exploded handgrenades (German and Hungarian) and burnt uniform parts along with buttons and badges and personal gear like a metal cigarrette case. All finds twisted and partly melted in the fire that turned the cramped 4 man shelter to ashes in the autumn of 1941.

The dig at the ”Hillock of Death” continued with an extension of the trial excavation area in order to reach the gun position in the far end of the trench.

Here more timber parts surfaced and large chunks of schrapnel, a testimony to the life threatening danger to the soldiers manning the trench in 1941.


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