Day five of the ”Hamsterbo” dig – Drone photography and more amazing finds!

On the fifth day of the excavation we took it very slow and excavated level 2,5 of the shelter. It seems we are approaching the floor level because the finds keep mounting. In the morning and at the end of the day we were able to take some very good photos of the timber constructions with many finds still ”in situ”.

Drone photo of level 2,5 of the Hamsterbo shelter. Photo Johan Sarpoma.

The preservation of many of the finds is excellent despite the fire. Today we encountered the first uniform fragmants and the charred passport of one of the soldiers near the entrance to the shelter. A large amount of charred spruce needles had stuck to the fabric as branches of spruce had been placed outside the entrance to prevent snow and sand getting into the shelter.

Well preserved uniform and other cloth fragments from the entrance to the shelter.

At the end of this very exciting day we removed the handgrenade rack for the German stick handgrenades and carefully packed the helmet and other well peserved items (a flashlight and a metal cigarette case) for conservation.

A flashlight and a metal cigarette case found in backpack number 1 to the left of the entrance to the shelter.

We will take a break with the excavations for the weekend but the excavation will continue on Monday. On behalf of our team I want to wish all you guys a happy summery and peaceful weekend.


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